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July, 2020
UI / Frontend / Storytelling / Data Visualization
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HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React.js, Node.js, Axios, Redux, Material UI, D3,, Mapbox, Amcharts, Cytoscape.js, Framer Motion, Styled-components

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While EDZ’s are intended to supercharge economic development, they can be exploited by both foreign and domestic actors, potentially leading to an uptick in corruption, environmental degradation, land conflict, drug trafficking, and more. By taking a wholistic, interactive look at EDZ impact across economic development, illicit activity, and geopolitics, this project encourages stakeholders to better evaluate and monitor EDZ impact in the hopes of securing the legal economy, protecting local populations, and ensuring the preservation of national sovereignty.


In Network Map page, it was difficult to create a network map that shows the relationship between EDZs and other entities. In order to solve this problem, I used the Cytoscape.js library.

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